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Because we care…


…about each and every client. We understand our role in creating great food but also a great service experience. The intangible nature of hospitality is overlooked by many caterers. From initial contact, through menu creation, tastings, menu changes and finally the day of your event, presentation or delivery; Chef David is always mindful of every step as a part of your overall experience with us.

Cooking, the application of, and manner in which heat is applied to ingredients is a fundamental human endeavor. Think about this; humans evolved with fire, not only as a tool to warm their environment but also as a means by which to cook, thereby make safe to eat, meat. There is a strong evolutionary component to our attraction to the flavors of cooked food and at Naples Catering by Chef David Hill, we understand how to match the optimal heat application to your expertly selected ingredients.

Chef David Hill


Because we cook all of your food...


… from scratch. We purchase the best and freshest ingredients available and then apply the most appropriate cooking techniques.  Chef David is either cooking your food or directly involved with his team to ensure you get the quality you deserve. Other caterers have a revolving door of chefs and cooks, not us. Here we see cooking as a craft worthy of devoting one's lifelong pursuits too. This doesn't mean that we eschew the virtures of a perfectly cooked meatball in favor of pursuing picturesque micro-herb laced plate of molecularly gastronomized goose. It means we cook the food that is appropriate to your needs and we do it the best way we know how, every time.

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Because we know where to start...


...looking for your ingredients. This means, for instance,  that we go our seafood purveyors and select the freshest fish and shellfish and we know what to look for; the sweet briny scent of the ocean, firm flesh, just out of the water, iced ever since. We wouldn't dare serve you frozen seafood whether we thought you were keen enough to know or not. We know. We use either USDA prime or choice beef only. Only natural pork, chicken and poultry are used. This means we reject any product that is processed with chemicals. We keep our poultry juicy with our marinades and brines instead.


Because Chef David invites you to make an appointment...


and talk about food or ask him questions about your catering needs. If you want to taste something, he will prepare it for you. There is no reason for you to hire us or any other caterer unless you like the food. There is no reason to hire a caterer who is doesn't invest in liability insurance so you are protected. There is no reason for you to hire any other caterer that sees no need to be state licensed and inspected and carry the necessary certification that ensure your food is being prepared in a safe and wholesome manner.

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Because the chef and owner is one of the most credentialed and experienced chefs…


… on the local catering scene. Chef David's industry experience that spans more than two decades in some of the finest clubs and restaurants in the U.S.


Please fill out the form below and Chef David will get back to you shortly. It's not necessary, but always helpful to know approximately how many guests you plan on hosting at your event, an idea of the type of menu (buffet or plated/cuisine style), whether you would like us to provide service and/or beverage and an estimated budget. The information provided on our site can help guide you through these decisions; or simply request information and we will contact you to discuss the details.

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